News – December 26, 2017

A Rotten Apple: Aging, but Not Like a Fine Wine
Reuters – Apple faces lawsuits after saying it slows down aging iPhones
Reuters - iPhone.png

Pay No Attention to the Civil Service Behind the Curtain
The Intercept – How a Gay Friendly and “Very Pro-Choice” Trump Created the Most Anti-Choice, Anti-LGBT Administration in Generations
The Intercept - Scott Lloyd LGBT Civil Service.jpg

As Was Pointed Out to Me, This Article Misses Only the Nuance of Kylo Ren
The Intercept – “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” Takes a Side in the Class War
The Intercept - Star Wars

The Boxing Match Continues, Tit For Tat
MSNBC – Trump spends holiday weekend intensifying FBI feud
MSNBC (Video) – Trump spends Christmas attacking the FBI

NASA or SpaceX; Who Will Land First?
NASA – The Moon Shines Brightly Among NASA’s 2017 Highlights
NASA - Awesome.jpg

Gamers Beware, You May Soon Have a Classifiable Disorder!
Business Insider – ‘Gaming disorder’ may get classified as a mental health condition – here’s what that means
Business Insider - Gaming.jpg

Did He Really Ever Intend to Finish Bush’s Wall?
Bloomberg – What Ever Happened to Donald Trump’s Wall? It’s in Pieces, in the Desert

Body Broker’s Stock Included Fetuses?
Reuters – Exclusive: Federal agents found fetuses in body broker’s warehouse (Warning: Graphic images)
Reuters - Body Broker.png

Russia and Ukraine; Shades of Our War With the Mexican Cartels
National Post – ‘It doesn’t look like the war will end. No one wants it to’: This is the longest European conflict since the Second World War
National Post - Ukraine.jpg

As The Empire Appears Possibly Poised to Retract, the World Becomes More Interesting
New York Times – Royal Navy Escorts Russian Warship Near U.K.
NYT - Warships

Totalitarian States Act Rapidly in Ways Democracies Cannot
Reuters – China’s Communist Party to discuss amending constitution, graft fight
Reuters - Xi.png

Left Hand, Meet Right Hand
The Hill – Cities sue after Pentagon failed to report crimes to FBI gun check system
The Hill

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