News – January 15, 2018

Universal Basic Income Mini-Trials
Business Insider – Basic income experts predict an important milestone for free money in 2018
The Guardian – Money for nothing: is Finland’s universal basic income trial too good to be true?
Business Insider – One of the biggest VCs in Silicon Valley is launching an experiment that will give 3,000 people free money until 2022
Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services – Ontario Basic Income Pilot
Spiegel Online – Free Money
TheGuardian - Finland

Your Car, Your Phone, Your Bluetooth Toothbrush
Washington Post – Big Brother on wheels: Why your car company may know more about you than your spouse.
WaPo - Cars.jpg

Merkel’s Coalition Still in Choppy Waters (Use Chrome Browser to Translate)
Spiegel Online – Berlin SPD votes against grand coalition
SPD-Chef Martin Schulz in Dortmund

Oh Uncle Joe
Los Angeles Times – To millennials who think they have it tough: ‘Give me a break,’ Biden says
LA Times - Joe Biden.png

The Student Becomes the Master
The Intercept – Centrist Dems Launch Smear Campaign Against Young Trans Woman, All to Keep an Old Straight White Man in Power
Intercept - Chelsea Manning.jpg

REPEAT: The #Resistance Quietly Votes to Expand Trump’s Spying Powers
NBC News – Democrats just handed Trump more domestic surveillance powers. They should know better.
NBC - Pelosi

You Know What’s Better Than Universal Health Care? Even More Class-Stratified Health Care!
The Hill – Five things to know about Medicaid work requirements
New York Times – To Get Medicaid in Kentucky, Many Will Have to Work. Advocates for the Poor Say They Will Sue.
NYT - Matt Bevin KY.jpg

Meet the New Boss
Reuters – CVS plans to keep Aetna’s headquarters in Connecticut
Reuters - CVS.png

A Little Adrenaline in Hawaii
Reuters – Ballistic missile warning sent in error by Hawaii authorities
Reuters - Hawaii Missile

Trump, McAuliffe, and Miller; Politics Makes for Strange Bedfellows
Politico – McAuliffe: Trump should ‘forget Stephen Miller’ on Dreamers deal

“[E]xcept as a punishment for crime”
The Intercept – ACLU Says New Jersey Prisons’ Banning of “The New Jim Crow” Is Unconstitutional
Intercept - Prisons.jpg

No Charges Connected to Russia?
The Hill – Mueller requests trial date for Manafort, Gates
The Hill - Manafort.png

Regardless of What Anyone Says, You Can Create Jobs In Any Industry With Enough Intelligent Investment
Washington Post – California proves Trump wrong
WaPo - Jobs California

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