News – January 7, 2017

The Clinton Foundation Is In the Spotlight Again
New York Times – Amid Calls From Trump, F.B.I. Renews Questions Over Clinton Foundation
NYT - Clintons

And So Is the Prodigal Son-In-Law
Wall Street Journal – SEC Looks Into Kushner Cos. Over Use of EB-5 Program for Immigrant Investors
Reuters – SEC probing Kushner Cos use of wealthy investor visas: WSJ
New York Times – Kushner’s Financial Ties to Israel Deepen Even With Mideast Diplomatic Role
NYT - Kushner

The Ministry of Truth
The Guardian – Emmanuel Macron promises ban on fake news during elections
Guardian - Macron.png

The Dow Jones Hits Record Highs, But Can It Last?
Fortune – Dow Jones Surpasses 25,000 for the First Time as Stocks Rally Despite Winter Storm

Still Stuck on Depression
Forbes – The Five Stages Of Not Owning Bitcoin Grief
Fores - BTC

Another Apollo Astronaut Passes – At Least John Young Got To Drive the Lunar Rover
CNN – John Young, ex-astronaut who walked on moon and commanded 1st shuttle flight, dies
The A.V.Club – R.I.P. astronaut John Young, the first man to get yelled at for smuggling a sandwich into space
NASA – Biographical Data
CNN- John Young NASA.jpg

Crying Wolff? “Fire and Fury” May Be, Much Like the Infamous Tax Returns, Too Good To Be True
Washington Post – Michael Wolff’s unbelievable — sometimes literally — tell-all about the Trump administration
WaPo- Trump Wolff

Like Sands Through An Hourglass
Reuters – Under fire, Bannon backs off explosive comments about Trump’s son
Reuters - Bannon.png

Looking Back on Last Year’s Executive Actions
The Intercept – Trump Administration Bricked on at Least Half of Its Executive Orders In 2017
Intercept - Executive Orders.jpg

For A Proud Social Democrat, Unquestionably Sanders
Politico – Which 2020 Democrat Won 2017?
Politico - Sanders

Nine Years of Intelligence News
The Intercept – Snowden Archive —— The SIDtoday Files
Intercept -Snowden.png

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