News – January 9, 2018

Late Post

Earthquake Off the Coast of Honduras
AccuWeather – BREAKING: 7.6 magnitude earthquake shakes the Caribbean Sea, tsunami threat diminishes
CNN – Tsunami threat passes after strong earthquake off Central America
AccuWeather - Earthquake

More Strangeness Surrounding Zuma
Ars Technica – The Zuma satellite appears lost—here’s what we know so far
ArsTech - SpaceX

The Battle For Net Neutrality Is Not Over Yet
The Hill – Senate bill to reverse net neutrality repeal gains 30th co-sponsor, ensuring floor vote
CNN – States propose bills to preserve net neutrality
Ars Technica – GOP senator says she’ll vote to restore net neutrality rules
GOP Tax-Cut Plan Heads to Senate Floor for Vote Likely This Week

Trump Wades Into the Global Swamp
New York Times – Trump Plans to Attend the World Economic Forum in Davos
Washington Post – Trump to attend World Economic Forum in Switzerland, a gathering synonymous with wealth and power
NYT - Davos

One Hundred Billion Dollars!
CNBC – Jeff Bezos is now the richest of all time — sort of
CNBC - Bezos

Is This Irony?
The Columbus Dispatch – Amazon makes list of large companies with workers receiving food stamps
Los Angeles Times – Amazon offers discount on Prime for people on food stamps
LATimes - Amazon

Gates Seeks Financial Motivation for Doing Good
Bloomberg – Bill Gates Says Private Sector Can Profit From Public Health
Bloomberg - Public Health.jpg

Truly the Most Important Issue of Our Time
BBC – Did President Trump forget the words to the national anthem?
BBC - Trump Football

“Is it not to share your bread with the hungry and bring the homeless poor into your house[?]”
NBC Chicago – Elgin Man Told to Stop ‘Slumber Parties’ for Homeless During Cold, He Says
NBC Chicago - Elgin Man

Trump Actually Creates a New National Park
The Guardian – Trump signs bill to upgrade Martin Luther King’s birthplace to national historic park
USA Today - MLK.jpg

Rockefeller Games
NYMag - Rockefellers.jpg

OG Rockefeller Games
Washington Post – Rockefeller and the secret land deals that created Grand Teton National Park
WaPo - Grand Tetons

THROWBACK – Okay, I Do Miss One Thing About Dubya
The Guardian – Bush calls on Israel to end occupation of Palestinian land
Guardian - Bush Abbas

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