My Thanks to Donald Trump


As 2018 continues to usher in yet a boatload of shocks and surprises, I would like to share my opinion openly with all of you. A great con man sits in the White House, but not all is as it appears. I am someone who believes, without a doubt, that the cure for America’s ills comes from the left wing (when I say that, I mean the real left wing, not the neoliberal Democrats). This being the case, I feel the need to share why I think Donald Trump is not the President we deserve, but rather the President we need right now.


News – January 31, 2018

Private Companies Start Playing Cards to Halt Growing Popularity of Single-Payer Universal Insurance
Reuters – Amazon, Berkshire, JPMorgan partner to cut U.S. healthcare costs
Reuters - Health Amazon.pngReuters - Health Berkshire Hathaway.pngReuters - Health JP Morgan Chase.png

Republican Family Values on Full Display
The Guardian – Why does it cost $32,093 just to give birth in America?
Guardian - Birth Cost.jpg

Make Illegal Detention and Torture Great Again
Chicago Tribune – Trump orders U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay kept open indefinitely
Tribune - Guantanamo.jpg

Is Gowdy Making A Play For A Higher Position?
Washington Post – Rep. Trey Gowdy announces plans to retire, return to justice system
WP - Gowdy.png

Ajit Pai’s FCC Finally Does Something Not Entirely Terrible
Wired – FCC Won’t Redefine ‘Broadband;’ Move Could Have Worsened Digital Divide
Wired - Broadband.jpg

At Least She Had the Integrity to Step Aside
New York Times – Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald, C.D.C. Director, Resigns Over Tobacco and Other Investments
NYT - CDC.jpg

San Francisco Decides to Eliminate Double Standard. A Great Way to Unburden Prison System.
San Francisco Chronicle – SF will wipe thousands of marijuana convictions off the books
SFC - San Fran Pot

The Roosevelts Are Still Around
The Guardian – America’s public lands belong to all of us. We owe it to ourselves to save them
Guardian - Roosevelt.jpg

SpaceX Ditches Old Booster In Preparation For Block 5. Falcon Heavy On Schedule For February 6, Musk Standard Time.
The Verge – Watch SpaceX launch a satellite for Luxembourg on a used Falcon 9 rocket

Trump Train Hits Garbage Truck.
Associated Press – Train carrying GOP lawmakers to policy retreat hits truck
AssociatedPress - Train Logo.png

If Nobody Gets Everything They Want, There’s Usually a Solid Compromise at Work
New York Times – Trump’s Stance on Russia Sanctions Angers Both Moscow and Washington
NYT - Trump Russia

UN Hesitantly Challenges Israeli Manifest Destiny
Fox News – UN reviews 206 companies over links to Israeli settlements
Fox News - UN Logo.png

Odd. Just Odd. Still, He Won’t Be Missed.
Haaretz – Hamas Official Who Allegedly Shot Himself in the Head Dies of His Wounds in Gaza
Haaretz - Hamas.jpg

Uganda Mortgages Future Generations. Is It Worth It?
Reuters – Chinese-built expressway divides Uganda as debts mount
Reuters - Uganda.png

The Beginning of the End for America’s War in Vietnam
Associated Press – AP BOOK EXCERPT: The Tet Offensive’s first 36 hours
AP - Tet.jpeg

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