News – January 25, 2018

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Assad Is Still Defended By Russia. The United States Controls the Eastern Half of Syria. Iran Has Militias Everywhere. Turkey Just Invaded. The War Is Far From Over.
Der Spiegel – What Comes after War in Syria?

Trump Doubles Down, Offers Citizenship for 1.8 Million Dreamers
Bloomberg – Trump Sets High Price for Democrats on Immigration Deal
Bloomberg - DACA.png

A Big Win, But Non-Partisan Redistrict Commissions, Coupled With Neutral Parameters, Would Avoid These Legal Battles
The Economist – Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court invalidates the state’s congressional map
Economist - PA.jpg

EPA Looking Into Water Tainted With Cancer-Causing Chemical
The Intercept – EPA Orders Testing for GenX Contamination Near Chemours Plant in West Virginia
The Intercept – New Teflon Toxin Causes Cancer in Lab Animals
Intercept - GenX

What’s The Best Way to Disperse Shadows? Shine A Little Light On Them. Sort of Like When Sanford Said He Was “Hiking the Appalachian Trail.”
McClatchy – Sanford wants you to see classified memo on Trump campaign
McClatchy - Sanford

Okay, NSA, Find Me a Recipe for Shepherd’s Pie
The Intercept – Finding Your Voice
Intercept - NSA.gif

Hilarious, But I Assume He Already Has One
Yahoo News – The Guggenheim Tried to Lend Trump a Gold Toilet Instead of the Van Gogh He Asked For
Yahoo News - Gold Toilet

Dollar Continues to Fall
CBS News – In unusual move, team Trump talks down the dollar
CBS News - Dollar Falls

Eastern Cougars Extinct. Sorry Lads.
Yale Environment 360 – Cougars Officially Declared Extinct in Eastern U.S., Removed from Endangered Species List
Yale - Cougar.jpg

The Gap Between What We Know and What We Think We Know
The Guardian – Oldest known human fossil outside Africa discovered in Israel
Guardian - Fossil

Physical Assault Still Accepted As Psychological Treatment in Many States
New York Times – I Was Tortured in Gay Conversion Therapy. And It’s Still Legal in 41 States.
NYT - Conversion Therapy

The Internet Continues To Erode Legacy Media
Huffington Post – Dan Rather Launching Weekly Show With The Young Turks
Huffington Post - Dan Rather

The Democrats Are Their Own Worst Enemy
The Intercept – The Dead Enders
The Intercept – An Insurgent Campaign Is Targeting the Very Heart of the Chicago Democratic Machine – and Just Might Win
Intercept - Dems Dead End.jpg

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FOCUS: Davos 2018

World Economic Forum – Annual Meeting

Bloomberg – Coverage of the 2018 World Economic Forum
Bloomberg - DAVOS

The Guardian – Davos 2018: Live Coverage
The Guardian - DAVOS.png

Reuters – The latest news from the 2018 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland
Reuters - DAVOS

Fox News – Full Coverage
Fox - DAVOS.png

BBC – Davos 2018: Europe seeks attention before Trump arrival
BBC - DAVOS Europe Attention

Bloomberg – Davos Warms to Trumponomics
Bloomberg - DAVOS Trumponomics.jpg

Bloomberg – Mnuchin Endorses Weaker Dollar, Sharpening Trade War Rhetoric
Bloomberg - DAVOS Mnuchin.jpg

Reuters – Indian PM Modi defends globalization at Davos summit
Reuters - DAVOS Modi.png

Washington Post – ‘America First is not America alone’: Trump aims to reset global opinion about him in Davos
WP - DAVOS Amrica First.jpg

Wall Street Journal – Donald Trump’s Davos Schedule Includes Speech, Meetings With World Leaders
WSJ - DAVOS Trump Schedule.jpg

Politico – Trump to meet Netanyahu, other world leaders in Davos

CBS News – Melania Trump won’t be going to Davos with Trump
CBS - DAVOS Melania.png

Bloomberg – The Harvard-Educated ‘Brain’ Behind China’s Economic Transformation
Bloomberg - DAVOS Liu He

CNBC – Protesters break through security in Davos to march against Trump and WEF
CNBC - DAVOS Protests.jpg

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