Single-Payer Medicare For All – A Look at Universal Health Insurance


Single-Payer Medicare For All. What is it? Is it a government takeover of all healthcare? Will it cost more than a free market system? How do we even know it’ll work?

News – January 28, 2018

Democrats Faceplant, Yet Again
Politico – Schumer rejects Trump’s immigration proposal
Fox News – Pelosi: Trump’s Immigration Proposal Is Part of a ‘Campaign to Make America White Again’
Politico - Schumer.jpg

The Clintons Shock Nation with Double Standard
New York Times – Hillary Clinton Chose to Shield a Top Adviser Accused of Harassment in 2008
NYT - Clinton Faith Assault.jpg

Obama Picks New Labels for Himself
Univision News – Obama: “More Moderate-Republican Than Socialist”
The Hill – Obama on his criticism of Israeli settlements: ‘I’m basically a liberal Jew’
The Hill - Obama Jew.jpg

As If Boeing Doesn’t Receive Subsidies
USA Today – Feds decide Delta importing Bombardier jets from Canada won’t hurt Boeing
USAToday - Bombardier.jpg

US Regulator Hits Foreign Banks
Reuters – U.S. CFTC to fine UBS, Deutsche Bank, HSBC for spoofing, manipulation: sources
Reuters - UBS.pngReuters - Deutsch Bank.pngReuters - HSBC.png

Oh, Sweet Summer Child, Take a Look at America’s Numbers
Der Spiegel – 50 Percent for 5 Percent: A Look at Germany’s Extremely Unequal Wealth Distribution
DerSpiegel - Inequality.jpg

Assange, Now an Ecuadorean Citizen, Asks the UK to Let Him Go
BBC – WikiLeaks’s Julian Assange becomes Ecuadorean citizen
BBC – Julian Assange asks UK court to drop his arrest warrant
BBC - Assange.jpg

It Would Be the Catholic Church
New York Times – Pope’s Defense of Chilean Bishop in Sex Abuse Scandal Causes Outrage
NYT - Pope Chile.jpg

Macron Repositions France
New Yorker – At Versailles and Davos, Emmanuel Macron Makes His Move
CNBC – France’s Macron says globalization is going through a major crisis
New Yorker - Macron.jpg

Merkel Attempts to Rally EU and Bolster Domestic Support
Deutsche Welle – Germany’s Angela Merkel decries right-wing populism as ‘poison’ at Davos summit
DW - Merkel Davos.png

A Truly Noble Goal
Huffington Post – Australia Plans To Become Top 10 Defence Exporter In A Decade
HP - Turnbull.jpeg

Whitewashing History is a Crime Against All People. Without Context, We Are Lost.
Reuters – Israel and Poland clash over proposed Holocaust law
Reuters - Israel Poland.png

Here’s Hoping Something Positive Results
Yahoo News – Palestinian official says India’s Modi to visit West Bank
Yahoo - Logo.png

Double Standard: Trump and Haley Spurn Palestinians
Reuters – Trump threatens to pull aid to Palestinians if they don’t pursue peace
Reuters – U.S. will not chase Palestinians lacking will to seek peace: Haley
Reuters - Haley.png

Russia, Iran, Syria, and Turkey? What a Pitch!
Time – ‘America First’ Is a Hard Sell on Rex Tillerson’s Europe Tour
Time - Tillerson Trip.png

The Europeans Are Already Pretty Dependent on Russia
Reuters – U.S. says planned Russian pipeline would threaten European energy security
Reuters - Tillerson Pipeline.png

Halfway Around the World, An Iranian Tanker Sinks. Results Are What One Would Imagine.
Reuters – How the Sanchi’s oil could spread
Reuters - Sanchi.png

Fifteen Years of Occupation? Something Tells Me We’re Just Getting Warmed Up.
BBC – Kabul attack: Taliban kill 95 with ambulance bomb in Afghan capital
BBC - Kabul.jpg

Turkey’s Offensive Continues, Ironic Operation Name Intact, and Washington Steps Back. What’s the Endgame Here?
Al Jazeera – Turkey urges US to withdraw from Syria’s Manbij
Reuters – Turkey says U.S. has promised to stop arming YPG, warns Washington on Manbij
Business Insider – Erdogan says Turkey will clean entire Syrian border of terrorists
AlJazeera - Turkey Syria.jpg

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FOCUS: Davos 2018

World Economic Forum – Annual Meeting

Bloomberg – Coverage of the 2018 World Economic Forum
Bloomberg - DAVOS

The Guardian – Davos 2018: Live Coverage
The Guardian - DAVOS.png

Reuters – The latest news from the 2018 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland
Reuters - DAVOS

Fox News – Full Coverage
Fox - DAVOS.png

BBC – Davos 2018: Europe seeks attention before Trump arrival
BBC - DAVOS Europe Attention

Bloomberg – Davos Warms to Trumponomics
Bloomberg - DAVOS Trumponomics.jpg

Bloomberg – Mnuchin Endorses Weaker Dollar, Sharpening Trade War Rhetoric
Bloomberg - DAVOS Mnuchin.jpg

Reuters – Indian PM Modi defends globalization at Davos summit
Reuters - DAVOS Modi.png

Washington Post – ‘America First is not America alone’: Trump aims to reset global opinion about him in Davos
WP - DAVOS Amrica First.jpg

Wall Street Journal – Donald Trump’s Davos Schedule Includes Speech, Meetings With World Leaders
WSJ - DAVOS Trump Schedule.jpg

Politico – Trump to meet Netanyahu, other world leaders in Davos

CBS News – Melania Trump won’t be going to Davos with Trump
CBS - DAVOS Melania.png

Bloomberg – The Harvard-Educated ‘Brain’ Behind China’s Economic Transformation
Bloomberg - DAVOS Liu He

CNBC – Protesters break through security in Davos to march against Trump and WEF
CNBC - DAVOS Protests.jpg

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