Single-Payer Medicare For All – A Look at Universal Health Insurance


Single-Payer Medicare For All. What is it? Is it a government takeover of all healthcare? Will it cost more than a free market system? How do we even know it’ll work?

A New Beginning – The State of Opportunity


A New Beginning

The State of Opportunity is dedicated to analysis of, and open conversation about, politics and current events. It’s all about this crazy world in which we find ourselves and charting a path forward to allow all people within society to advance said society to a higher level. It’s about freedom, democracy, and opportunity for all. I welcome those of all stripes, who are willing to speak with each other respectfully, no matter how you label yourself politically. Conservatives, liberals, progressives, authoritarians, libertarians, nationalists, globalists, capitalists, socialists, and all others are welcome. This is my microcosm of the marketplace of ideas. This is where I want to discuss, among many other things, the opportunity state.

I myself am a social democrat with libertarian tendencies. I see government and the market as unique tools to craft a well-functioning and forward-looking country. I fundamentally believe in representative government and the ability of every citizen to have an equal voice before their elected officials. I believe in a strong and vibrant market geared towards innovation, competition, and renewal through small business and startups as opposed to stagnation through amalgamation and monopoly. I believe in giving everyone born in this great country as much of an equal shot at the American Dream as possible. The rich will always have an edge (this is without debate), but even if you are born homeless under a bridge, you should be guaranteed a solid chance to grow up healthy and recognize your aspirations, as long as you are willing to put in the hard work to get there. Provision of resources to climb the ladder of opportunity is key to any stable society that wants to last more than a few generations. We need to stop being talked into burning those ladders down.

In my opinion, this is achieved through the visionary construction of a libertarian-minded social democracy in the United States. This simply means taking the lessons of past ideologies and carefully assessing them to determine which portions should be adopted and which should be left behind in the rubbish heap of history. This means implementing effective socialist policy within a strong capitalist market framework: a combination of the best of both, without the worst of either. This all resides under the umbrella of a strong and legitimate democracy: a representative Republic in which constituents are represented rather than donors.

A true left-wing approach, which maintains personal liberty, has been suppressed by the Republican and Democratic parties alike. A true left-wing approach has been suppressed by corporate media of all forms.

Ludicrous times: today, even policy in line with Reagan’ philosophy is deemed “socialist.”

Clumsy and authoritarian left-wing policy of old, coupled with predatory and authoritarian right-wing policy of modern times, has poisoned many great ideas in the minds of too many folks. I am going to try and shine a little a little light on what is possible if we simply see the world with a little more nuance.

This page, and associated websites and social media accounts, will be used to accomplish a variety of things. I will be posting articles and commentary about current events and the political world that I find to be interesting and informative. I want to offer my two cents, to whomever is interested, on these articles and ongoing events. I also want to research and write well-cited pieces on current and past events, as well as complex political philosophies throughout history, when I have the time. I would love to hear what my readers think, as I know that I do not have all the answers. Our discourse is what will advance our society, not our silence. Adaptation is humanity’s greatest skill and the shepherds of our world have no right to deprive others of the ability to adapt. We’re all in this together, folks, and we will swim or sink together.

– SoO